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Card Counting - An Introduction

Card counting is a rare opportunity. Not only does a professional card counter have complete control over their lifestyle, but they are able to retain the income certainty that wages and salaries offer. The counter who practices honestly and plays enough blackjack is mathematically guaranteed incredible financial profit. If a diligent counter continues to commit themselves, profits in the millions are just as certain as an employee's next paycheck. Counting is not a scam, it is a science.

Casinos use science as well. They use science to create a winning game, profiting billions in the process. If you have read any other books on blackjack that suggest playing without counting, throw them away. Basic strategies alone will never allow a player to beat the odds. A clever player does not play the casino's game. A clever player harnesses reason and logic to redefine the game itself.

While it is true that anybody can learn to be a card counter, I can say from experience that hardly 1 person out of every 1,000 people playing blackjack is even attempting to count. What money the counter can make is hardly a concern when compared to what the casinos are raking in from the other 999 disadvantage players. It is true that casinos have taken some precautions to try and limit the advantage of card counters (such as 6-deck shoes and betting minimums/maximums), but because the vast majority of players do not bother to learn, casinos happily offer them a game that can be beaten.

Every casino uses different techniques to try and lower the advantage of card counters without driving away business. Some of these techniques are effective, some are useless, and some even end up befitting counters. As a counter travels to more and more casinos they will begin to find out which games are the hidden goldmines. Two-deck games will likely be the "bread and butter" and generate most of a counter's income. This is not to say that winning at a six or eight deck is impossible. Once you understand what advantage means and how it applies to blackjack, you will have the power to decide for yourself which game will be most worthwhile.

The benefits of being a card counter are numerous. The most appealing for me is that, unlike most jobs, counting is scalable. This means the more money one makes, the faster they can make more money in the future. Mathematically this is called exponential growth. Exponential growth is impossible when you work an hourly wage or have a set salary. Without this exponential growth, one must build their bankroll at the same slow pace over a lifetime. While many choose this approach to building wealth, the amount of time that must be spent is utterly offensive. Unless you truly enjoy what you do "for a living" I highly recommend giving counting a shot, if only for the decades of your life that might be saved from an unfulfilling job.

Besides the quick and scalable profit, being able to travel can also add excitement. Throw in the freedom of being your own boss and professional card counting becomes an ideal way of accumulating that personal fortune. You can work when you want and keep all of the profit. Exceptionally wise counters will even change their legal place of residence to a country that does not tax their massive gambling winnings. In this way, learning to count gives you not only economic freedom, but the ability to experience everything life has to offer.

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