Sabtu, 03 November 2012

False Beliefs About Card Counting

Counting Cards is illegal.
There is nothing illegal about using your brain (at least not yet). When counters are caught it is not the law that takes offense, but the business profit of the casino. That being said, the most that casinos can do is escort suspected counters off casino property. Casinos cannot take your winnings and backdoor beatings only take place in movies. More importantly, the chance of being asked to leave the casino would not bother a professional counter. If you are being asked to leave it is almost certainly because you have made enough money for the casino to take notice. If travel is an option, you could even set your goal to be kicked out of as many casinos as possible. This could last years if you are skilled and the profit would be enormous.

Modern technology has made card counting impossible
It is entirely possible to avoid even advanced casino surveillance technology. Even if you are caught, measures like facial recognition can be easily dodged. The simple truth is that casinos make so much money through gamblers that Casinos would actually lose profit if they attempted to catch every card counter. This is because card counters are noticeable by their betting patterns, but it is totally possible that a gambler might randomly match the betting pattern of a counter. If casinos were strict enough to catch every counter, they would accidentally kick out gamblers as well. The best choice for the bottom line is to always let a few counters through. Bad news if you plan to be sloppy, excellent news if you strive for professionalism in your card counting.

Only M.I.T. graduates are capable of counting cards
I have taught College graduates and high school dropouts. The only things you need are a strong desire to make money and the dedication to practice. There are a few facts that one must memorize, but by using the up to date counting system provided online or in Modern Card Counting, the most math you will have to do is add two and negative two. Practice and you will learn how to count cards. Learn the basics, then move on to topics like standard deviation and you won't only make money, but you will understand the mathematical formula that predict your desired profit. Take these lessons to the casino and you will make money. Play long enough and you will be a millionaire.

Card Counting can no longer make serious money
There may be a time when counting cannot make you seven figures. But, that time is not now. Until casinos replace every blackjack table with automatically shuffled virtual games, counting will be able to make serious money. As long as gamblers enjoy the old-school, felt and plastic game of blackjack, casinos will keep them happy and counting will thrive.

It all takes too long to pay off
If you were putting the amount of time you spend at your day job into playing blackjack, you could easily make 200,000 dollars by the end of the year. I do not expect you to take it to this level of commitment, but some have and you could. Perseverance is the key. Remember, "Man can not remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor".

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