Sabtu, 03 November 2012

Looking at Some Casino Card Games

When you think of a casino, the name card game comes into your mind. You are able to visualize many other things with cards but the most important has to be cards. Among the card games some new versions today have become highly popular. We will look at some of the most popular ones and their basics.

    Bridge: This is one of the most popular and complex card games there is. The game gained in popularity in the 1900s and has never looked back since. Today there are world level tournaments on this game and international organizations also back this game up in many ways. Though more of a serious card game played over reserved tables' bridge has also found its way into many casinos.
    Hearts: Hearts is also a very old favorite that has its origins going back to Spain in the 1700s. The game is played with a full deck of cards and is more of a table game again. This is a popular game across all ages and even children play it very often.
    Blackjack: This game is very popular in casinos and has become a popular game over the internet also. This is also a very old casino game that has gained a lot of popularity because it is very easy to play and is based mostly on luck.
    Poker: The origins of this game are not known to the exact source but this is one of the most popular card games in the world. The popularity has also been helped by the many versions of this game that have come up especially Texas Hold'em Poker which has become one of the most popular online and offline card games today. The game is a combination of logic and luck and should not be played for money by new players.

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  1. A banking game, Casino Hold’em was designed and introduced by Strepehn Au-Yeung in the year 2000. The game is being played at over 100 live casinos and over 500 online casinos worldwide. It was licensed for use in the UK in 2007.