Sabtu, 03 November 2012

Live Dealer Casinos - Feel the Action!

Online casinos have become one of the greatest inventions this century, allowing players the flexibility and convenience of gambling from the comfort of their own homes. Players can bet when they want, no matter what time of the day or night without the need to worry about the opening and closing hours of land-based casinos

The advantages of online gambling are numerous but some avid gamblers don't find the excitement you will find in a land-based casino. Many stick to live gambling at a land-based casino simply because they enjoy the human interaction element. This means for some gambling enthusiasts nothing beats the conversations between player and dealer, the sound of real chips clicking on the table, the ball rolling around the Roulette wheel and the background buzz of a live land based casino

With the development of technology software companies have managed to come up with a concept that has taken the gambling world by storm, live online gambling. As technology and gaming innovations grow with amazing graphics and added features to help deal with the boredom, other operators have developed a platform for those who still love the feel of a real casino. Live Dealer Casino's provide the interaction without the long drive or the hassle of going to a casino.

A Live Video feed is streamed directly to your PC from a studio or an actual land based casino. While online casinos use random number generators, which ensure fairness in online games, for sceptics Live Dealer casinos, eliminate the fear of being cheated or having the odds stacked against them. In a live dealer casino the cards are dealt to you from a real deck, the ball is rolling around in an actual roulette wheel so you can actually see that the only thing you will have to deal with is the house odds.

Live dealers interact with players much the same as in a land-based casino. The interaction level between dealer and player varies between software providers. Some dealers stay focused on the game just calling out the action while in others the dealers converse much more openly. If you are looking for more interaction and conversation a live dealer casino from a studio feed is the better choice. If you are more focused on the game and want the live casino experience without all the chitchat then a feed from a land-based casino would be the right choice for you.

If you have been playing at online casinos or visited one lately you may have noticed that many of them have started offering live dealer casino games. Live dealer games are usually limited to Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette with some offering Texas Holdem and Sic Bo. Some of the features at Live Dealer Casinos include the use of oversized cards so you can see the numbers clearly, and cameras that zoom in and out on the game when necessary so you always feel part of the action.

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